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Our First Mission

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

I gave deep thought and had to make bold lifestyle changes in regards to Hippocrates message.  I chose raw organic vegetables as my medicine for cancer and it worked. My body healed itself and I’ve been a survivor for over 14 years now. I’m grateful to my doctors, surgeons, friends and family, and to those who prayed for me.
rinse your seeds twice daily
healthy food
The Fight against cancer is now back on for me. I’m in it to help others and hope you will join me. It is a harsh reality when your body goes down to skin and bone and all of your muscle mass is gone. When this happens, it’s not only overwhelming to you, but to everyone in your inner circle that cares about you.
This is the point where our mission begins. We want to bring nutritional products and information to future cancer survivors in a time of need.
In the course of my studies to heal cancer naturally with diet and lifestyle change, broccoli sprouts were essential to have in my cancer survival diet. A diet rich in cruciferous vegetables has shown to contribute to a cancer protective environment. Sulforaphane (SFN) found in broccoli sprouts appears to be a promising tool to help fight cancer.
Growing sprouts gave me a sense of purpose that I was growing my own nutrition and that I was going to defeat cancer.
ready to eat or freeze
sprouts are ready
It is our goal to provide broccoli seeds and sprouting jar lid along with nutritional information to people who have cancer. We want to deliver them hope, nutrition, and sense of purpose.
We will be starting our mission in 2023. We are seeking to put together a team of highly skilled individuals whom would have an interest in joining Help Them Survive. If you would have an interest in being part of this team or in helping fund our mission please reach out to us.
Bringing nutrition to a cancer victim in a time of need is a wonderful deed.

Please help us with our mission. We look forward to our progression.

It starts today, lets “Help Them Survive.”


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